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When your home is threatened by a rodent infestation, you need to call experts immediately. If you are located in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas in Phoenix Valley, then Rodent Exterminator Near Me is the company to call. We service both residential and commercial properties in these areas. Since 2018, we have delivered excellent services to our clients and since then removed thousands of rats and mice from homes, offices, and other commercial establishments.

No job is too large or too small for our team. At Rodent Exterminator Near Me, you can expect to receive exceptional service whether you need to remove a couple of mice you’ve seen in the kitchen or if you’re dealing with a major rat infestation. We remove both indoor and outdoor rodents.

Our services are customized depending on your needs and requirements. We start with a site inspection – check all evidence and signs of rodents, identify the areas of concern, come up with the best rodent extermination method to use, then trap the rodents.

More often than not, our job lasts over several visits. We need to come back to your home to retrieve those captured rodents or their carcasses. You never have to handle them on your own because we understand that most people aren’t comfortable doing that. After all, these critters are filthy.

Do not delay the removal of rats and mice from your house. These are dangerous creatures, even if they’re mostly tiny. They carry viruses, they chew on wires and insulation, they can even cause house fires.

For immediate rodent removal, mice removal, rat removal, and all other rodent extermination jobs, call Rodent Exterminator Near Me. Schedule your appointment today!

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